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Go Configure

In a world full of brand followers, who fashion their style on what is popular, on trend and in vogue, true individuals stand out by creating their own unique brand; something that is truly personal.

From the pioneers who create something new to the alternates who reinvent classics to the style anarchists who disrupt convention; the bravery and confidence of these style mavericks is magnetic; attracting interest, admiration and intrigue.

Creating a personal style requires a deep understanding and appreciation for what makes you, you. Then taking this insight and exploring how to creatively represent that style. It could lead you to vintage stores, have you seated at a sewing machine or seeking out manufacturers who enable complete customisation of products.

YOUBAGโ€™s online configurator gives the individual complete power over almost every design aspect of their range of handbags and accessories. From the style and size of the bag to the texture of the leather, from the colour (of each individual panel of the handbag including the lining and stitching) to the metal, and it includes the option of adding a personal monogram. The bag is created as a dynamic visual changing as you select your options, showing you just what it will look like when delivered.

The YOUBAG configurator is fast, easy to use and a lot of fun! So donโ€™t be a follower of fashion, get creating and go configure!


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