Premium Leather


Saffiano is a luxury goods classic and an incredibly durable, practical and easy-to-clean leather. It features a cross-hatch pattern, with fine lines, that will give your product a unique, textured look.


Our smooth full grain calf leather features very fine grain patterns, with a silky, slightly shiny texture. Its soft grip, longevity and aesthetic qualities make it a very popular luxury leather.


Mousse is a wonderful soft leather, considered to be of a high quality because the surface is more natural. Its lively natural grain ensures a one-of-a-kind texture every time. Watch it become more and more beautiful with age.

Shiny Mousse

Shiny Mousse is a cow leather with a full metallic finish and a soft and smooth texture. This leather is wonderfully out of the ordinary. See how it transforms any product.


YOUBAG’s full grain cow leather is extremely strong and durable. It’s a classic luxury leather that represents class and poise.

Vegetable Tanned

Our vegetable tanned cow leather goes back generations in Northern Italy. Every skin retains its natural beauty due to an age-old tanning method, where only eco-friendly minerals and vegetable agents are used.